Our Mission:

Our mission is to prepare children and young people for the world that awaits them by empowering them to follow their own passions and interests within a community of trust where each member's voice is equally valued and heard. Through three educational formats, a homeschool co-op, an online academy, and an Agile Learning Center campus, we will meet the various educational needs of a diverse community of families.  Children will learn in freedom as they explore the subjects they find interesting, build trusting relationships, collaborate on ideas and projects, and pursue their own unique learning goals at their own pace.  

Our Vision:

To create a welcoming, diverse, and nurturing environment where self-directed, lifelong learning and independence are fostered, along with a sense of responsibility and community, in which strong relationships with each other are built, making a lasting impact in the community and world around us.

Three Educational Formats:

To meet the needs of a very diverse learning community, Meraki L.I.F.E. Academy will offer three very different educational formats to truly allow students to learn in freedom.  The Homeschool Co-op will offer online classes à la carte, a wide variety of clubs, private lessons, extracurricular activities, field trips, play dates, parent and educational resources, weekly seminars, and guest speaker events for the homeschooling community.  The online academy will offer a full-time accredited private education for grades K-12.  The ALC campus will be an Agile Learning Center located in Myrtle Beach, SC, and is set to open in 2021-2022.