Countdown to Open Registration

Welcome to Meraki L.I.F.E. Academy Homeschool Co-op:

A Learning in Freedom Experience!


Meraki L.I.F.E. Academy Homeschool Co-op was created by homeschooling moms and educational professionals in the Myrtle Beach, SC area.  

We are offering online classes à la carte, a wide variety of social and academic clubs, private lessons in music and art, extracurricular activities, virtual field trips, educational resources for parents and students, and weekly seminars for the homeschooling community.  Our classes are taught by esteemed professionals in their fields and certified, licensed teachers in secure online classrooms.


Once life begins to return to normal, after Covid-19 subsides, we plan to offer in-person classes, field trips, weekly meetups, school dances, concerts, art shows, theater productions, book clubs, sports teams, and a wide variety of other activities in which to participate.


Our Vision:  To create a welcoming, diverse, and nurturing environment where students’ passions and interests are fostered into lifelong learning and independence, along with a sense of responsibility and community, in which strong relationships are built, making a lasting impact in the community and world around us.